Realty server

Realtysrv is a CGI application that gives you all needed functionality to place realty listings online.

With Realty Server you can put your realty listings online or share them within your team. It is complete system and contains all needed functionality for administrator, realtors and site visitors.
Available for Windows and Linux.

Realty Server is a CGI application, so it can work on most servers. All the administration is done through friendly web interface.

Realty Server has 3 access levels: administrator, agents and visitors (admin and agent access is protected with passwords).

Site visitors can :
  • Select listing to search
  • Search listing based on their criteria
  • See detailed description of any item
  • See agents' personal info

Along with this realtors can:
  • Add any number of items to database
  • Add any number of images for every item
  • Edit existing records
  • Delete existing records
  • Place personal information online

In addition to agents' rights administrator can:
  • Create/delete listings
  • Add/delete fields to existing listings
  • Modify settings for every listing (for example select searchable fields)
  • Add/delete agents
  • Change agents passwords
  • Create skins to adjust site design
  • Modify global settings

Realty Server produces pages in English, German, French and Russian.

Realty Server is easy to install. In most cases it is enough to put it in your cgi-bin directory.

Realty Server has unlimited evaluation period.

Technical documentation is included in distribution.

Easy to install. Realtysrv consists of only one executable file. To make it work you only have to put it to your cgi-bin directory. It will automatically create database with some default listings and settings. Easy to use. All the administration is done through friendly web interface. You can add/delete/modify listings, add/delete records, modify design and many more from your home computer. Just enter the password...

Multilevel access. Realtysrv has three access levels : visitor, who can search your listings, but can modify nothing; agent, who can add/delete/modify records in database; and admin who can also modify all the settings, add/delete agents, modify design and database structure. Low requirements. Realtysrv is an executable, not interpreted script. This means that your host does not have to support scripting languages like PHP or Perl. It uses its own database format, so you don't need database support. All you need is CGI support, which means cheaper hosting plans!
High performance. As mentioned abow, it is executable, so it consumes much less system resources than interpreted script. Realtysrv uses own database format optimized for its needs. Every page generated by realtysrv contains information about time was needed to compose it, so you can see that it is really fast. Unlimited demo period. Realtysrv demo period is not limited. Use it as long as you need to understand wether you need it or not. If you decide to continue using it, just purchase activation key.
Multilanguage interface. Realtysrv supports English, German and Russian. To switch to another language just enter administrative page and select language in combobox. Flexible database. Realtysrv allows you to adjust all parameters of the database : add/delete listings (you can have up to 128 listings); add/delete fields (you can have any number of fields per listing); rename fields; reposition fields. Each listing has individual settings.
Customizable design. Realtysrv uses templates to produce pages. Template is an HTML file with special tags. Realtysrv replaces these tags with actual information from database. For details download Realtysrv and see manual and samples. Full version. You can purchase activation key online for only $77.77. Payments are made through shareit's secure payment system.

Login page Main administrative page Database administration page
Agents page This is the way you create new listing Modify existing listing
Skins page This is the way you edit skin Personal profile page
Agent's page Detail page Detail page with customized template
Search page Listing page Listing page with customized template

Download LINUX version (100K) Download WINDOWS version (120K) Purchase activation key ($77.77) Send feedback