Using Realty Server for sharing database within your team

If your company consists of more than one person, you will need a solution to share your database. By using Realty Server for this purpose you will give all your agents access to database and at the same time protect each agent's data from others (you can allow agents to edit/delete only their own data).

Ane more advantage of such a solution is that every agent will be able to access your database from any part of the world (if your network is accessible from Internet).

Access to database is protected by passwords, so you can be sure that only authorized people will use it.

To use Realty Server in this way you will have to install a web server software on one of your office computers. All your team members will access database simply by typing this computer's name in Explorer's address line.

If your server is accessible from the Internet, then you will also be able to create your listings presentation online.